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Office of Research and Development, National University of Tainan


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Brief Introduction of General Services Office’s Custody Group.

This group is under the General Services Office, being in charge of the University’s asset management, including: land, land improvement, obtains and manages, building management, property financial management (incl: mechanical devices, traffic equipment, miscellaneous items, equipment management and utility).

Services conclude:

1.Handling the University’s purchase inquiries, maintenance and project case sorting management.

2.Assisting the University in tendering joint approval cases.

3.Handling University estate (land, land improvement, building and equipment) management.

4.Handling University property (non-consumables, consumables) set increase, management, change, abatement and realization.

5.Handling the University’s annual goods stock.

6.Preparing the University’s classified monthly and annual inventory report.

7.Providing office supplies for common use, to rent (ie.: stationery, printing, paper and

8.Handling the University’s location rental, installation income management service.

9.Satisfying the needs of the User Unit or the Procurement Unit, providing information about property.

10. Managing the University’s auxiliary business’ equipment rental needs:

(1)University Canteen,

(2)coffee shop,


(4) vending machines,

(5)dormitories’ coin operated washing machines,

(6)rental of degree clothes.

11.Other services:

(1)Refurbishment scrap computer, lending out to students in need,

(2)Recycling worn out batteries, used CDs.