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Office of Research and Development, National University of Tainan


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The Environmental Safety Group is responsible for the safety and health management of laboratories and internship sites. In February 2005, the school established an Environmental Safety and Health Committee in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The principal serves as the convener and meets at least once every three months in accordance with regulations.

    In cooperation with the Environmental Safety and Health Committee, the Environmental Safety Group has successively formulated safety and health-related regulations in recent years, conducted experimental safety and health inspections, promoted the management of toxic and chemical substances of concern and hazardous waste, and gradually established a safety and health management system.

    The passed regulations include "Occupational Safety and Health Management Plan", "Key Points for the Establishment of Environmental Safety and Health Committee", "Key Points for Environmental Protection and Safety and Health Management", "Occupational Safety and Health Work Code", and "Annual Safety and Health Automatic Inspection Plan" , "Hazard Communication Plan", "Key Points for Environmental Safety and Health Management of National Tainan University Contractors", "Key Points for Management of Toxic and Chemical Substances of Concern and Hazardous Waste Management of National Tainan University", etc.

     Our school's safety and health management organization and personnel, toxicological and hazardous chemical substance operation licenses, waste declarations, etc. are all handled in accordance with relevant government laws and regulations. Our school also applied for assistance from the Ministry of Education in 1992 to build a complete waste storage facility to properly store and remove laboratory waste and hazardous waste. Laboratory inspections are conducted regularly during winter and summer vacations every year. In 1995, the Ministry of Education promoted the laboratory safety and health certification program. A total of 12 laboratories of our school received three stars. In 1996, the Ministry of Education conducted an inspection of "Engineering Construction" and "Construction Safety and Health", and our school received first-class evaluations. In 107 The Ministry of Education handles occupational safety and health management coaching and verification and accreditation for colleges and universities. Our school has obtained the verification and accreditation of the "Ministry of Education Campus Safety and Health Management System" school.