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Office of Research and Development, National University of Tainan

Environmental Management

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The General Affairs Office is responsible for campus environmental maintenance, green beautification, classroom and toilet cleaning, as well as general, institutional and biomedical waste removal and resource recycling, and has been operating smoothly for a long time. The campus has sparse flowers and trees, and the greening is in good condition. Through the management of the "Campus and Dormitory Environmental Cleanliness Supervision Meeting", regular cleaning, immediate notification of improvements and poster promotion, the campus is maintained in a consistently neat and clean manner.

     In order to ensure the safety of drinking water, our school’s drinking fountains are regularly outsourced to inspect the water quality every three months, and the results of all previous inspections have been in compliance with legal requirements. In terms of pollution prevention and control, our school has a waste liquid storage room to centrally store laboratory waste liquids and clean them regularly. Generally, waste is handled by outsourcing.

     Implement the policy of not landing garbage on the ground and require removal companies to fully provide garbage trucks. In terms of environmental education, eight major categories of environmental education courses are provided to promote environmental education, enhance students' environmental ethics and responsibilities, and cultivate environmental citizens. This e-book website compiles the handbook of common flora and fauna on campus, providing handbook of common plants in Fucheng Campus, handbook of common animals in Fucheng Campus, handbook of common plants in Honors Campus, butterfly and plant ecological photography album, small flowers that cannot be stepped on, and south gate wall grass. and other ecological textbooks, etc.