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Office of Research and Development, National University of Tainan


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 Job title    NAME  Extension   E-mail    Duties 

Ting, Huei-Ju

480 hting@mail.nutn.edu.tw Integrating and supervising affairs
Staff  LI,MEI-YING 481  bluejeans@mail.nutn.edu.tw 
Responsible for scheming and impelling plans or educational training related to laboratory safety ,Contractor Management and hygiene in the campus
 Staff GUO,RUEI-CIN 239 justin@mail.nutn.edu.tw Responsible for supervising the regulations of toxic materials from laboratories, and handle the storage of toxic wastes, Resource recycling  and radiation protection
 Staff CHEN,ZI-LIN 238 snow0927@mail.nutn.edu.tw 
Responsible for managing water quality analysis, equipment safety implementation and maintenance , green procurement, and air quality control 
 Staff LI,FANG-YI  237 bluebear@mail.nutn.edu.tw Responsible for handle the storage of biomedical waste, experimental animal  business,Food waste recycling reporting,and biological safety
Occupational care Nurse
 ZHENG,MI-YI 483 meiying@mail.nutn.edu.tw 1. Health examination and management of faculty and staff.
2. Workplace health services and management.
3. Carry out assessment and case management of employees with maternal health hazards, musculoskeletal injuries, abnormal working hours, illegal violations in the performance of duties, or high-risk workers related to occupational health.
4. Planning and implementation of employee health education, hygiene guidance, physical and mental health protection, health promotion and other measures.
5. Prevention, health consultation, first aid and emergency treatment of work-related injuries.