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Office of Research and Development, National University of Tainan


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 Job title    NAME  Extension   E-mail    Duties 

Ting, Huei-Ju

480 hting@mail.nutn.edu.tw Integrating and supervising affairs
Staff  LI,MEI-YING 481  bluejeans@mail.nutn.edu.tw 
Responsible for scheming and impelling plans or educational training related to laboratory safety ,Contractor Management and hygiene in the campus
 Staff GUO,RUEI-CIN 239 justin@mail.nutn.edu.tw Responsible for supervising the regulations of toxic materials from laboratories, and handle the storage of toxic wastes, Resource recycling  and radiation protection
 Staff CHEN,ZI-LIN 238 snow0927@mail.nutn.edu.tw 
Responsible for managing water quality analysis, equipment safety implementation and maintenance , green procurement, and air quality control 
 Staff LI,FANG-YI  237 bluebear@mail.nutn.edu.tw Responsible for handle the storage of biomedical waste, experimental animal  business,Food waste recycling reporting,and biological safety