Department of Education, National University of Tainan

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Service items and contents
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  1. Instruct students to deal with various competitions in inside and outside campus.
  2. Institutionalization of management of sports places:
    This campus includes tennis court, table tennis room, basketball court, volleyball court, track field, gymnasium, gymnastics room, eurhythmics room and weight training room etc. sports places.
  3. Participate in the national academic physical meeting and individual event held by various athletic institutes.
  4. Focus on special sports:
    Mixed track team, mixed tennis team, mixed table tennis team, mixed volleyball team, men's volleyball team, men's softball and cheering section etc. eleven sports representative team.
  5. Establish faculty sports community:
    To provide sports apparatus and field open, so that colleague can practice in the spare time or at night.
  6. Check physical ability on the whole campus and make health examination table:
    Check regularly physical ability for all students and faculty every year.  And the obtained information would be prepared for teachers and students in the Department of Physical Education for research and teaching.