Department of Education, National University of Tainan

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Brief Introduction
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For conforming to the implementation of the University Law, physical education section was renamed as physical education room to cultivate students to obtain the capability in holding various matches. Provide a comfortable, safe sports places and apparatus for all teachers and students to share the enjoyment from sports; various sports competitions shall be held on campus and outside, and test regularly physical ability for teachers and students on the whole campus; introduce concepts physical proper ability or sport health; Sports game shall be held for teachers and students on campus every year; and the physical equipments is qualified the specified standard of the Ministry of Education, all kinds of apparatus are abundant, besides meeting the demand of teaching activities, the sports places can be opened for citizens under the circumstance not affect teaching; Perfect space and apparatus for the training of physical ability would be available in the weight training room; lastly, some representative teams of various sports would be established, they practiced in the spare time and achieved good performance.