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Staff & Duties
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Chief Secretary
Chih-Ting Hsu

Integrating and supervising the Secretariat office affairs
Senior Executive Officer
Tai-Shan Cheng
  1. Assisting in integrating and supervising Secretariat Office affairs.
  2. Supervising official documents from all units.
  3. Verification and granting of the application of certificates,contracts and other affairs.
  4. Monitoring, inspecting and tracking major cases and resolutions of whole-school meetings.
  5. Legal affairs
  6. University Affairs Meeting and University Advisory Committee Meeting.
  7. Explanation and drafting of the budget plans.
  8. Coordinating affairs of all units.
  9. Reaction opinions of elected representatives, parents of students and people outside the university.
  10. Guest reception.
  11. Other assigned tasks
Section Chief
Nai-Chi Kuo
  1. Affairs concerning press release
  2. Contact and reception of the news media
  3. Management of the NUTN Year-end press conference
  4. Assisting all units in holding press conference
  5. NUTN Cassia fistula Festival
  6. President’s correspondences
  7. Compiling all units’ performance data for University Advisory Committee Meeting.
  8. Guests invitation of NUTN Cassia fistula Festival,school anniversary and graduation ceremony.
  9. Planning and maintenanceof School History Room
  10. Editing Secretariat Office’s data for whole-school major meetings
  11. Explanation and drafting of the budget and final accounting of annual University Endowment Fund.
  12. Compilation of Secretariat Office’s calendar.
  13. Guest reception
  14. Other assigned tasks
Wan-Ting Tsai
  1. Arrangement of the President’s schedule.
  2. President’s correspondences
  3. Management of the President’s PR budget
  4. Affairs related to purchasing and granting of the President’s gifts.
  5. Compiling President’s major events.
  6. Other assigned tasks

Hsu-Fang Kuo

  1. Arrangement of the Vice President’s schedule
  2. Administrative Affairs of Vice President Office
  3. Affairs concerning review of academic work of Vice President Office
  4. University Affairs Development Committee
  5. Assisting in press release and press conference
  6. Management of NUTN Digital News Post
  7. Compilation and uploading of NUTN Video films
  8. Guests invitation of NUTN Cassia fistula Festival,school anniversary and graduation ceremony.
  9. General affairs of the Vice President Office .
  10. Maintenance of the Vice President Office and School History Room web pages
  11. guest reception
  12. Other assigned tasks
Jane-Yang Kao
  1. Arrangement of the Chief Secretary’s schedule
  2. Supervisor meeting
  3. Editing and publication of school annals.
  4. Compiling University guides, brochures and pamphlets
  5. Editing the President’s ppt files for major convocation and meetings.
  6. Assisting in managing the President’s E-mails
  7. Maintenance of President Office and Secretariat Office webpages.
  8. Uploading of Reports of NUTN official business leave
  9. General affairs of President Office and Secretariat Office.
  10. Guest reception
  11. Other assigned tasks