English Section

  1. Language Testing
    Implement foreign language testing for the faculty and students.
  2. Extension Education
    Set up foreign language training courses for public service officers, the public, and institutions.
  3. Translation Service
    Help to revise meeting drafts for the government, industry and business fields, or oral interpretation for meetings.
  4. Editing
    Revise articles for English journals.
  5. Developing Materials
    Create interactive teaching software concerning Chinese culture and local Taiwanese features. Edit, compile, and publish foreign language related materials.
  6. Foreign Language Development and Service
    Help manage the exchange of students, practicum in other countries, sister schools and foreign language competitions.
  7. Create a Foreign Language Learning Environment
    Create a foreign language learning environment on campus, in corridors, on billboards, and in public places for conversation in foreign languages.
  8. Set Up a Self-study Center
    Create a smallCreate a small library to provide students with the opportunity to check out GEPT materials, TOEFL books, and Digital Versatile Disks (DVD).
  9. Others.