Course for Foreign Student

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  • Course Introduciton
    The Calligraphy Class aims at enhancing international and overseas Chinese students’ Chinese characters writing skill as well as promoting the art of the Chinese Calligraphy. The center will held a calligraphy exhibition for students to present their final work.
  • Applicants: International students of NUTN and other colleges
  • Location: A-building of NUTN (classroom based on the announcement)
  • Cost: free,just pay 500NT for your Brush and rice paper, and 500NT dollars for initial paymen.
  • Class: one class per semester. 2 hours per week.
  • Contact Information:
    The Language Center, National University of Tainan,( B-building 302 of NUTN)
    Responsible for:Molly Peng
    Tellphone:+886-6-213-3111 ext.852