Chinese Section

  1. Chinese Teacher Development
    Admit and train people with a BA degree to become Chinese Teachers.
  2. Chinese Pronunciation Correction
    Admit and train people with a BA degree to be teachers for kindergartens, comforting parent classes, and fine arts classes.
  3. Taiwanese Study
    Admit and train people with a BA degree who are interested in learning Taiwanese.
  4. Language Study
    Set up classes for composition, calligraphy, speech, story-telling, and performance arts.
  5. Compiling Chinese Materials
    Cooperate with "BIAS" Corporation to develop overseas Chinese materials which expresses the Chinese cultural spirit and Taiwanese features.
  6. Chinese Program Design
    Set up Chinese programs, a Chinese Teaching Department, and a Chinese Teaching Graduate School according to MOE curricula.
  7. Overseas Chinese Teaching
    Cooperate with "BIAS" Corporation to set up Chinese teaching locations overseas to develop Chinese Teaching affairs.
  8. Teaching Chinese to Foreign Students at Our School
    Develop foreign students' Chinese ability in order to help them learn in their other courses.
  9. Provide foreigners at Southern Science and Technology Park, Luju Science and Technology Park, Tainan Industrial Company, and factories with teaching Chinese channels.
  10. Set Up an Inquiry Center
    Answer questions about Chinese Teaching for elementary school, high school, and the public.
  11. Develop Chinese language testing tools and set up Chinese language testing.
  12. Others.